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August 26, 2009



It looks like you contradict yourself here.

So i suppose you are going to go on to say, that the smaller nations should have to qualify for the qualifiers. Which would mean you don't disagree with the people who want the smaller nations out, that's just a way of getting rid of them, but not completely.

The good thing about the UEFA qualifying, is that every team starts on a level playing field. There are no byes into the next round, or teams having to play more matches because they are currently ranked lower than other teams.
Doing this could potentially kill international football in places like the Faroe Islands.

Seeing as the Faroe Islands came close against France (as you mentioned above), i watched the match they lost 1-0 and they created various chances and nearly grabbed a draw at the end, when a header looped onto the top of the net. Also the match when they went close against Italy (who were the World Champions at the time).
This shows the gap between these countries isn't that big and until it becomes so big that they are being beaten with huge scorelines often in nearly every match, then it should remain as it is.
Faroe Islands have got results in the qualifiers against teams people expected them to lose to, most notablely against Turkey, Isreal, Austria, Scotland, Bosnia .etc and many of the smaller nations.
It makes things more interesting and could be the difference in who qualifys for the finals and who doesn't, should one of the bigger nations fail to beat them.

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