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August 30, 2009


Jordan Retro 8

Just as the saying goes that you are never too old to learn. I believe it. At first keeping reading all the way can enrich our leisure and knowledge. We can learn a lot from reading. Do you think so?


As stated in my previous comment, i strongly disagree. I won't reiterate what i wrote before. I already knew this is what you would suggest, not only that but you also want only 10 UEFA nations at the World Cup.

So first you want rid of the ''second rate'' teams in UEFA, then less European teams in the World Cup. Bringing the standard of football down at the finals.
UEFA has 13 places, because they do deserve it. In South America, 5 teams can qualify, even though there are only 10 teams in their confederation. Europe and S.America are given this many places because these two continants is where football is strong. If we gave them less places, then the standard of football would go down at the World Cup (no one wants that, or do they?). You write about ''derseving'', but did New Zealand really deserve to qualify for the World Cup? How about North Korea or Honduras? If you put many of these teams in the UEFA qualifying, they wouldn't stand a chance. You talk about placing smaller nations in europe into a Preliminary round because of their ranking, but are happy to have lower ranking teams qualify for World Cup over higher ranked teams in Europe.

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