David Patrick Lane or "Davy" as he is known to other members of the squad was conceived in Uruguayan territorial waters and raised in Cork and Liverpool. His last known abode was in New York.

Davy follows La Celeste (Arriba Charrúa…Vam Uruguay) and spent his youth on the Kop, inspired by Shankly and his Uncle Jasser.

Davy has played and coached football all over the world. When only 11 his 6-a-side team lost a Liverpool city-wide heartbreaking final at Anfield. He scored a belter at Town Green when he was 14. His headmaster was convinced he would be the next Brian Labone. Osgood Schlatters ended his career at 16. Undeterred, Davy went on to win many great victories in classic 19-a-side games on Brooklyn's Prospect Park. He holds the Propsect Park record for nutmegin' the same hapless left back 6 times in one match! He has played against the great Oded Machnes on a Moshav in Netanya and had kick arounds with kids on dirt tracks in the North End of Trablous and in the barrios of Montevideo. The kids in Bed Stuy call him Coach D.

His age is a matter of some conjecture. He claims to be his mid to late 30s, though this is disputed by some anoraks. He is single, and available for selection in South Africa 2010.

He is interested in the intersection of football and politics, and believes football can have a positive impact on international affairs.

The Other Football blog is intended to complement research on the African Diaspora and Football, and provide a forum for friends and guests to discuss football in the context of some of the pressing issues of the day.

It is not intended to be topical or comprehensive, but can be.

The Blog can also found under the name "". In that respect, it is mindful of attracting a political as well as football audience.

For the uninitiated, proper "Left Backs" are a breed apart. Often quirky characters, they are capable of both the most beautiful football and the most horrendous crimes ever to be witnessed on a football field.